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Accuracy of data helps to smooth out the negotiation process.The better the measurements and data the better the estimate. All measurements should be within 1" accuracy.
Below are some areas that many people miss:
Ceiling heights - Including tray, flat, cathederal, etc..
Cabinets - This also helps during the rebuild especially if you are not changing the previous layout.
Window sizes
Sliding glass doors
Any specialty/unique item - ie:custom doors


Illustrate the damage and help tell the story. Pictures are in my opinion the most important part of the job. Without proper pictures you can not bill the insurance company. It makes the negotiation process much easier with proper documentation. 

1-Front, left side, right side and rear elevation of property address
2- Each room should have a photo taken while standing in each corner. This gives you a view of every angle. Minimum of 4 per room.
3- DAMAGE - You cant prove its a covered loss without a photo of the damage and cause of loss.


What type of work will we be doing?The scope is usually pretty obvious. However their are some scenarios that the repair work or additional repair work can not be so clearly illustrated. In this case a detiled scope list that accurately outlines what work is to be done will help guarantee a consistent job estimate.

**Anything that cannot be illustrated in photos should be documented in the scope sheet.**